After Care Recommendations from Larisa

  • For the next 24 hours after your appointment:
    Do not get your new eyelashes wet for 24 hours
  • Avoid: washing face, swimming, showers/steamy showers, hot tubs, saunas, sweating, spray tans, wearing contacts, steam from opening oven/barbeque or outside during a humid day.

Regular daily care for your new eyelashes:

Be gentle with your lashes Avoid rubbing, tugging and pulling on your extensions.

Avoid using oil-based products or products with high alcohol content around the eye area:
Products such as these can potentially break down the adhesive bond and shorten the time your extensions stay on.
Foundations, cream concealers, cream eyeliners, etc on your lids will reduce the bond on your lashes.
Make sure products used around the eye area are oil free or powders.

Keep your lashes clean of natural oils and don’t let makeup build up on your lashes.
Use a cleanser formulated for eyelash extensions or baby shampoo. Baby shampoo is tearless, oil-free, will not irritate the eyes and is gentle on the skin. DIY Baby shampoo: In an empty foam pump place for 1/3 baby shampoo and ⅔ distilled water.

Cleanse every day. If you have oily skin cleanse morning and night.

Pump cleanser into your hand, use a clean, small, fluffy makeup brush to gently clean lashes and lid in a gentle circular motion. Rinse the brush with water and then use the brush to rinse your lashes.

Dry lashes using a hair dryer on a cool setting, or use a fibre less cloth like a paper towel to “blot blink” them dry.
Comb lashes to finish, never let them dry without combing.

Avoid using towels, Q-tips, cotton pads on your new lashes, the tiny fibres will get in your eyelashes and can pull off the extensions.

Sleep: Sleep is hard on your lashes. Sleep on your back as much as possible.

Use a contoured sleep mask to protect your lashes during sleep. The contour won’t crush your lashes or restrict eye movement.

A satin pillowcase is smooth and will lessen tugging and pulling on lashes. A satin pillowcase is great for our hair, skin less wrinkles 😉

Re-lash/Fill appointment every 2-3 weeks to maintain the best look of your lashes.
You shed 3-5 lashes a day so the longer you wait in between appointments the more lashes you shed. An appointment after four weeks will require more time and product and an additional cost will be required, this is called a Fill plus.

Avoid Mascara. Mascara and especially waterproof mascara is not recommended and repeated use of mascara will shorten the life of your extensions and cause premature shedding of your extensions.

If you use mascara, use it sparingly and never apply from base to tip. Use as specifically formulated mascara for eyelash extensions. Using mascara near the adhesive bond will make cleansing this area difficult which will require excessive rubbing and pulling of extensions. A buildup of makeup at the base of the lashes will cause eye irritation and premature shedding of the lashes.

Working Out/Heavy exercise Wear a headband to collect sweat that could run into lashes. This sweat will contain toxins and any face products such as foundations, moisturizer or sunscreen and will reduce the life of your lashes.

Avoid eyelash curlers Using an eyelash curler will compromise the bond and will damage natural lashes.

Do not remove lashes yourself, please make an appointment with me and we will remove them safely 😉